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Pelvic vein embolization is a procedure that uses x-ray guided venography to locate the area of interest in the pelvis and placing specialized small thin tubes (catheters) directly into the veins in the pelvis that need treatment. Once these catheters have been placed into the correct position, a combination of foam sclerotherapy (a chemical that provides irritation and inflammation) and insertion of small specialized medical coils can be deployed into the target vein to block it off and take out these faulty veins from the system that allow venous congestion to take place. This prevents the reversal of blood flow within the enlarged pelvic veins and reduces the pressure build up responsible for the symptoms experienced.


This procedure like the imaging venography can be performed as a day case procedure and patients can usually return to normal daily activities within a few days. Approximately 70-80% patients with PCS will report improvement in their symptoms after this minimally invasive procedure.

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Treatments