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We are a world-class vascular and endovascular centre offering a suite of cutting-edge, evidence-based services, providing every patient with an individualized treatment experience.

Vascular is a term used to describe any blood vessel conditions or treatment related to the human body. Endovascular actually means keyhole method for treating blood vessel conditions as opposed to open major surgery. The Vascular and Endovascular Clinic essentially offers comprehensive treatment from open surgery to minimal invasive surgery (endovascular), hence we made this our trade name.

We aim to boost your circulation and get you back to your normal vascular health as soon as possible.

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More than 50 years of combined surgical experience

Dr Wong and Dr Tang have close to 50 years of combined surgical experience in both general and vascular surgery. Both Dr Wong and Dr Tang are dual accredited having completed specialist surgical training under the Ceritificate of Completion of Training (CCT) program in the UK and are registered with both the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) and General Medical Council (GMC).

Dr Wong and Dr Tang have been extensively trained in vascular and endovascular surgery in the National Health Service in the UK, whose core values include “commitment to quality of care, compassion and improving lives and where everyone counts”. Locally they have combined more than 20 years of practicing vascular surgery in Singapore.

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Up-to-date evidence-based patient management

Dr Wong and Dr Tang practice up-to-date evidence-based surgery with empathy. Delivering excellence in patient care with the most advanced and up-to date treatments is a driving force of their clinical practice. Together they have written more than 300 publications on the ever-developing management and treatment options for vascular and endovascular surgery.

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High priority in patient education and knowledge

Dr Wong and Dr Tang believe that their patients should have all the necessary information about their vascular condition to make an informed and educated choice about their treatment. Listening, honesty, creating a unique and dynamic patient doctor relationship, which is long lasting are important values for them. Patients will never feel rushed or pressured to make a decision when they are at the Vascular & Endovascular Clinic and only procedures that are going to benefit the patients most will be recommended.

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Broad expertise and teamwork ethic

Dr Wong and Dr Tang work as a team, there are few other specialist groups involved in the treatment of vascular disease who have this breadth of expertise and teamwork ethic that they subscribe to; 2 is always better than 1! Through a caring, respectful and multi-dimensional approach, they aim to provide their patients with the highest quality of medical attention. One that is based upon expertise, warmth and professionalism, whilst being thoroughly personalised and dedicated to the individual circumstances.

CoP Venous Registry

Proving excellent long term varicose vein ablation surgery results by registry data

Although research clinical studies are important, the proof of long term results is by following patients over years using a dedicated venous registry. Hence The Vascular & Endovascular Clinic has joined The College of Phlebology to be part of an international venous registry – the CoP Venous Registry, where all patients with varicose veins and venous related problems are included. The Vascular & Endovascular Clinic will be the first centre from Singapore to be a member of this international collaboration for venous benchmarking 

Over the coming years, Doctors and vein clinics who are part of CoP will be able to show that they get excellent results for their patients and this registry will be a quality indicator of success. This will help give our patients the confidence that all their surgeon’s work is being scrutinized and patients can give long term feedback. We are proud to support the CoP venous registry and our specialists are amongst the first to sign up and use it.

Dr Julian Wong Chi Leung

Dr Julian Wong Chi Leung

Senior Consultant
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

With 31 years of service in government hospitals, Dr Wong was also Head of Division of vascular and endovascular surgery at NUH.

He strongly believes in delivering clinical excellence with attentive communication to patients and practising evidence-based medicine with the latest technology and treatment.

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Dr Tang Tjun Yip

Dr Tang Tjun Yip

Senior Consultant
Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

Dr Tang has practised a full breadth of open vascular surgery and endovascular interventions for the past 12 years.

Having trained in several different healthcare systems in the UK and in Australia, he brings a diverse breadth of experience and knowledge in vascular and endovascular surgery.

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