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A Comprehensive Guide to Microwave Ablation

Comprehensive Guide to Microwave Ablation

First performed in the UK by Prof Mark Whiteley and Judy Holdstock, microwave ablation has become an optimal alternative varicose vein treatment for individuals seeking a minimally invasive option. It offers a precise and safe approach to addressing varicose veins through the targeted application of thermal energy. Explore the advantages of microwave ablation in this article.

What Is Microwave Ablation

Microwave ablation uses thermal energy like laser and radiofrequency ablation (RFA). It relieves pain, swelling, and discomfort associated with varicose veins with a low risk of complications.

Our senior vascular surgeon, Dr Tang Tjun Yip, introduced microwave ablation for varicose veins treatment in Singapore. He is a key opinion leader using this device to block faulty veins in the setting of chronic venous insufficiency and has recently helped launch its use in Indonesia.

The MAESTRO study was led by Dr Tang at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Dr Julian Wong at National University Hospital (NUH) whilst serving in the restructured system. The study shows occlusion rates at one year with great satisfaction scores by patients. (link with paper in publication section)

Who Should Consider Microwave Ablation for Varicose Vein Treatment

Microwave ablation may be advisable for the following individuals:

  • Individuals with chronic venous insufficiency, where the veins have difficulty returning blood from the legs to the heart.
  • Individuals who have tried conservative treatments and fail to experience sufficient relief.
  • Individuals with larger varicose veins who prefer minimally invasive procedures.
  • Individuals suffering from venous reflux or backward blood flow in the veins.

The Vascular and Endovascular Transformative Approach: What To Expect During Microwave Ablation

Choosing an optimal treatment for varicose veins is based on an individual’s specific needs and the expertise of the vascular surgeon. Our vascular surgeons consider vein size, location, and patient preference to determine the appropriate treatment option.

Here’s What to Expect in Your Journey to Healthy Legs

Personalised Comprehensive Evaluation

1. Personalised Comprehensive Evaluation – Before your procedure, Dr Tang and Dr Wong assess and review your medical history to determine the underlying cause of your varicose veins. This includes a physical examination and an ultrasound scan to understand the type and extent of treatment required.

Preparation with Patient

2. Preparation with Patient -Centric Guidance – Once our vascular surgeons have deemed microwave ablation the optimal treatment choice for your condition, they will discuss expectations and pre-procedure guidelines. 

Pain-Free Procedure and Precision Imaging

3. Pain-Free Procedure and Precision Imaging – Our vascular specialists ensure your comfort and safety on the day of the procedure. They will administer local anaesthesia to numb the catheter’s insertion area for a painless treatment. Then, utilise ultrasound and other imaging technology to visualise the varicose vein and guide the procedure.

Microwave Energy Delivery

4. Microwave Energy Delivery – A thin catheter with a microwave-emitting probe is inserted through the entry point into the varicose vein. It will emit microwave energy, generating heat and causing the vein wall to contract and close. This closure redirects blood flow to healthier veins, relieving symptoms and improving overall blood circulation.

Careful Supervision and Tailored Recovery

5. Careful Supervision and Tailored Recovery Care – Our team monitors the progress using imaging to ensure effective treatment throughout the procedure. Our vascular surgeons remove the catheter and close the small incision with a bandage. Patients may be advised to wear compression stockings to aid in the healing process and promote blood flow.

5 Advantages of Microwave Ablation

Advantages of Microwave Ablation

1. Requires less time to perform, resulting in shorter overall procedure times and potentially reduced discomfort for the patient.

larger varicose veins

2. Suitable for treating larger varicose veins, including those with a diameter greater than 12 mm.

Less post-procedure pain

3. Less post-procedure pain and bruising due to the targeted temperature reached by the microwave catheter of approximately 85 degrees.

Lower risk of nerve injury

4. Lower risk of nerve injury due to controlled and predictable heat distribution of microwave energy. 

Great accessibility

5. Great accessibility and convenience for patients. Microwave ablation can be performed in various clinical settings, including hospitals and clinics. 

Empowering Varicose Vein Solutions: Microwave Ablation at VEC

Microwave ablation, a minimally invasive technique, alleviates the symptoms of varicose veins and ensures a swift recovery. This varicose veins treatment suits those with more prominent varicose veins resistant to conventional therapies.

Our vascular surgeons, Dr Tang and Dr Wong, employ microwave ablation with a patient-centric approach to ensure optimal outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction.

Explore transformative varicose vein solutions now!

Schedule a consultation with our vascular specialists to determine if microwave ablation is a suitable treatment for you.

Dr Tang is highly regarded for his specialised clinical interests and skills in a wide range of vascular conditions.
Dr Wong is highly regarded for his specialised clinical interests and skills in a wide range of vascular conditions.

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