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Varicose Vein Relief: The Clarivein Minimally-Invasive Approach

Varicose Vein Relief

Clarivein is a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of varicose veins. It combines mechanical agitation and chemical ablation to close off the affected faulty veins and redirect blood flow to the healthier deep veins. Clarivein has been reported to have a success rate of around 85-95% during follow-up at one year, with studies showing good long-term closure of the treated veins. Learn when this procedure benefits your condition and more in this article.

Who Should Consider Clarivein

Clarivein is generally considered suitable for various patients with varicose veins. The following individuals may find this minimally invasive procedure beneficial.

  • Individuals who have more prominent varicose veins.
  • Individuals who have previously had unsuccessful vein treatments.
  • Individuals who are unfit for other forms of treatment, such as laser ablation or surgery.
  • Individuals or young women who prefer a minimally invasive procedure without the use of heat or anaesthesia.

Proper consultation from a vascular specialist is crucial to determine if you’re a good candidate for a Clarivein procedure. Our senior vascular specialists, Dr Tang and Dr Wong, provide personalised assessments to check for venous insufficiency and plan an accurate treatment plan.

How Clarivein Works

The Clarivein procedure involves the insertion of a small catheter into the affected superficial vein. The catheter has a rotating wire tip that agitates the vein wall while delivering a sclerosant agent – a chemical solution that causes the vein to collapse and close off. This combination of mechanical and chemical action helps to seal the vein and redirect blood flow to healthier venous circulation.

The success rates of Clarivein depend on various factors, including the severity of the varicose veins, individual patient characteristics, and the expertise of the treating physician.

Our senior vascular specialist, Dr Tang, led the research and evaluated the clinical outcomes of the Clarivein device when he was still working in the restructured system and is one of the most experienced users of the device in Singapore (link with publication section). To optimise patient outcomes, he has refined the device’s technique for specific types of faulty varicose veins in different leg regions.

It is recommended to consult a senior vascular specialist who can evaluate your case and recommend a suitable treatment option.

What to Expect After Clarivein Ablation

Postoperative recovery is typically quick and less intense with a Clarivein treatment for varicose veins. Patients may experience mild soreness and bruising around the treated area that will subside within a few days to a week. After a few days, individuals can expect to resume normal and non-strenous activities. However, the exact recovery period depends on individual factors, such as the extent of the treatment, the patient’s overall health, and how well they follow postoperative instructions.

Follow these steps for a comfortable and smooth recovery.

Wear compression stockings

Wear compression stockings for a specific period, usually a few days to a few weeks, to aid in healing and minimise swelling.

Try walking immediately after the procedure to promote blood flow. Patients should avoid strenuous exercises and heavy lifting for a couple of weeks.

Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking during the recovery period. This habit disrupts healing and blood circulation.

Elevate your legs

Elevate your legs during the first few days to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.

Take medications

Take medications as your vascular specialist directs, including anti-coagulants and pain relievers.

Keep up with follow-up appointments

Keep up with follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider to assess the healing progress and address any concerns.

Consult our vascular specialists to determine if Clarivein is the appropriate treatment option for your condition. They can assess your case, consider potential contraindications or risks, and provide the optimal treatment plan.

5 Benefits of Clarivein For Treatment Of Varicose Veins

Minimally invasive procedure involving a small incision results in less pain, short recovery times, and minimal scarring.

Good success rate

Good success rate in closing off veins and reducing the risk of complications.

Minimal downtime and discomfort

Minimal downtime and discomfort. Patients resume their daily activities quickly after a Clarivein procedure.

Provide a comfortable patient experience

Provide a comfortable patient experience, minimising pain and discomfort during and after the procedure.

Improves cosmetic outcomes

Improves cosmetic outcomes, helping patients achieve a smooth and appealing leg appearance.

Reclaiming Vascular Health: Clarivein Your Path To Healthy Veins

Prompt action in addressing varicose veins helps prevent complications and relieve leg discomfort. It secures the freedom to lead an active and pain-free lifestyle. Regular consultations from vascular specialists give individuals valuable insights into when lifestyle adjustments and medical interventions are necessary to manage their condition.

Explore Vascular and Endovascular Clinic screening packages under the guidance of our senior vascular specialists for personalised assessments and treatment plans. The VE clinic offers different treatments for varicose veins tailored to your condition, including Clarivein, a minimally invasive option. This procedure provides effective results with minimal scarring, swift recovery, and a great success rate.

Reclaim healthy legs and self-confidence today.

Dr Tang is highly regarded for his specialised clinical interests and skills in a wide range of vascular conditions.
Dr Wong is highly regarded for his specialised clinical interests and skills in a wide range of vascular conditions.

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