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Another double-first at the VEC: MagicTouch & Nitides

Recently Dr Wong and Dr Tang had to redo a lower limb revascularization procedure that came from a public hospital for a non healing toe amputation wound. The arteries were heavily calcified and required balloon angioplasty and a stent. After ballooning the narrowings in the blood vessels they used a specialised balloon lined with a special drug called sirolimus to reduce the chance of renarrowing. This was the first time MagicTouch from Concept Medical has been used in private in Singapore along with a drug eluting sirolimus stent called Nitides.

Here are some key points about the MagicTouch balloon for peripheral artery disease:

  • The MagicTouch balloon is a sirolimus-coated balloon (SCB) used to treat peripheral arterial disease.

  • It has been demonstrated to achieve good short-term patency (12 months) without major adverse events or device-related shortcomings.

  • The MagicTouch balloon employs the use of phospholipid to achieve 100% sirolimus sub-micron particle coating on its balloon surfaces, allowing for controlled drug delivery into the arterial wall.

  • The balloon’s coating technology enables prolonged drug elution at therapeutic levels to minimise neointimal hyperplasia and restenosis.

  • Studies have shown high procedural success rates, low device-related adverse events, and low target lesion revascularization rates with the MagicTouch balloon.

The NiTides stent is a self-expanding, drug-eluting stent for treating peripheral artery disease lesions in superficial femoral arteries ¹. Here are some key points about the NiTides stent:

  • Received CE Mark approval in May 2021.

  • Elutes Amphilimus (sirolimus plus fatty acid) through abluminal reservoir technology

  • Polymer-free device with a nitinol body sealed by a bio-inducer surface.

  • High hemo and biocompatibility, potentially reducing thrombogenicity.

  • ILLUMINA study results at 2 years: 91.9% freedom from device-related major adverse events, 93.1% freedom from target lesion revascularization, and 83.4% primary patency rate.

  • Demonstrated long-term safety and efficacy performance.

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