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VEC Now Offers SANUWAVE’s dermaPACE System

Another first in Singapore at the VEC! The VEC now offer another cutting edge tool for complex wounds!

The SANUWAVE’s dermaPACE System comes to Gleneagles Hospital and potentially provides a simpler and better option for wound healing, making it a valuable advancement in the field of wound therapy.

The dermaPACE System activates the body’s normal regenerative processes, expedites curing at the cellular level and ultimately produces a robust and durable wound healing.

The dermaPACE System is an advanced wound care device that utilizes pulsed acoustic cellular expression (PACE®️) technology, a proprietary form of focused, extracorporeal shockwaves.

Shockwave technology has been used for nearly 30 years in orthopedic treatments for pain, fractures, etc., and with lithotripsy for breaking kidney stones. The PACE shockwave technology has the level of energy deposited inside the tissue specifically tuned to promote tissue healing, without any detrimental effects to the delicate cellular structures from the wound bed, periwound, or deep behind the skin level. This technology can be administered without any anaesthetic and in the clinic setting!


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